Principle Finance secures funding boost for leading Handheld Metrology specialist’s expansion


Digital Micrometers, a prominent player in the field of handheld metrology in the UK, is set to embark on a significant expansion thanks to a strategic funding initiative facilitated by Principle Finance, part of the SMH group. The funding has been secured through Mercia Asset Management, a leading provider of growth investment support for ambitious businesses across the UK.


Established in 2009, Digital Micrometers gained exclusive rights for the distribution, manufacture, sale, and service of the Microstat range of digital electronic micrometers. Over the years, the company has successfully introduced a range of cutting-edge brands to their product portfolio, solidifying their position as a market leader in handheld metrology solutions.


Principle Finance, recognising the growth potential of Digital Micrometers, played a pivotal role in securing funding that will enable the company to acquire a new facility. This move aims to accommodate the expanding business operations and further strengthen its market presence.


James Furniss, Head of Commercial Finance comments: “Principle Finance is thrilled to be part of this important moment in Digital Micrometers journey. The successful collaboration between ourselves, Mercia Asset Management, and Digital Micrometers not only secures a new facility but sets the stage for unparalleled growth, innovation, and strengthened market presence. The future holds exciting prospects for Digital Micrometers, and we at Principle Finance are proud to be one of the driving forces behind their continued success.”


Mercia Asset Management, known for supporting dynamic businesses seeking growth investment, has provided the financial backing necessary for Digital Micrometers strategic expansion. The investment aligns with Mercia’s commitment to fostering growth in ambitious enterprises, and their national footprint ensures comprehensive support across the UK.


This funding marks a significant milestone for Digital Micrometers, opening up new avenues for innovation, increased production capacity, and enhanced customer service. Here at Principle Finance, we are excited for what the future holds in store for both of these companies in their partnership working on ambitious growth plans.


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